Using ASANA to keep your team connected and on track

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Sometimes a ToDo list just doesn’t hack it.

When you’re working with a team, you need everyone to be on the same page. Whether your team is a high powered corporate group, small business just getting off the ground, friends who regularly get together to watch the game, or a busy family with (or without) kids, being able to share information and keep track of who is doing what is critical.

Thanks to ASANA there’s an alternative to the email chain hell that most of us deal with on our teams. Offering their web based application for free for teams of 15 people or less, ASANA has created an application that is super easy to use, and incredibly full featured.



I stumbled upon ASANA just as it came out of beta through a mention on Twitter. I immediately signed up and started using the application for my personal projects.

The ability to share and assign tasks to other members smoothes out communication. Where before I’d have to email them, create a personal ToDo to track their responses and ask followup questions, ASANA is a central dashboard where each team member can see what is going on, not only in their own projects and tasks, but also those of their team mates. I can pop over to the browser tab with ASANA running and see the status of tasks assigned to me and how far along my team is on the tasks that I’ve assigned to them.

…and not an email needs to be sent! In a nod to those folks still embedded with email as their main communications method, ASANA has the option to send you email updates when you are assigned tasks, when tasks are completed, or updated.

The layout is very logical: Workspaces at the top left (companies, families, etc), Projects in the middle window with tasks laid out in a user configurable list and task details on the right side. Each task has a comment thread system so that team members can update the task with notes, attachments or details. If you have used Facebook commenting you’ll feel right at home on ASANA.

Check out the video showing the interface at

The tutorial guides are phenomenal! Spend a few minutes crawling their site and you’ll immediately see just how valuable ASANA can be for you.

Where I had just dabbled with project management tools before, I’ve since implemented ASANA as the primary task tracking tool at two companies and am using it in my personal life as well. I can’t imagine ever going back…

Take your team to the next level and try ASANA today.