Savor the Seasons

I’m fortunate enough to live in the midwest where we have four full seasons each year. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Some years a spring or fall season may seem to last only a few days, but we have them nonetheless.

Most years, winter and especially summer, seem to stretch on forever.

heat wave

The extremes of the season drive us crazy and tend to make us focus on the downside of life…another 100 degree, 100% humidity sweatbox of a day, how can I get anything done in this weather.

Our lives follow a seasonal flow too and many times we don’t take the time to notice what season we’re in, and more importantly, recognize that these times will pass.

As you bask in the summer heat, take a few minutes to review the past few months in your personal life.

What season are you in?

What season is coming up and what are you excited about?