Practical Guide to Getting Organized Using Free Software

There are seemingly endless articles these days about how important it is to be organized in both your personal and work careers. These articles are true! However, many of these articles focus only on the “Why” of getting organized, but lack detail when it comes to the “How”.

Get Organized

I’m starting a series next week that details the “How” of getting organized using freely available software. It will provide a step by step process and overview of each piece of software that will have you up and running by the end of the post.

I am a firm believer in being organized. It’s the difference between two skilled people in creating a successful career. Being organized projects a powerful image to those around you that allows rapid trust building, and in today’s work and home environment trust is the true difference maker.

As we go through this series, I’ll take each category of organization that I have found to be critical and unpack how to use free software to master organizing each category.  We’ll cover:

  • Calendar
  • To Do / Tasks lists
  • Collaborative Project Management
  • Personal Filing Cabinet

Each of the categories will use one piece of software.  All of the software has a cloud / synchronizing component that allows the software to be used on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices of various operating systems.

I’ll focus on the following process as we discuss the software:

  • Sign up and download (if needed)
  • Overview of the software’s intended usage
  • Initial setup
  • Detailed explanation on getting you using the software right away
  • Hints and Tips for streamlined usage.

At the end of each article you’ll not only have the software running in front of you, but you’ll have entered information and will be one step closer to being the organized person you’ve always dreamed was possible.

If you’re a  self starter, below is the software we’ll be covering:

Join me starting on September 10, 2013 at as we tackle our Calendar!