New Adventures!

After a successful 20 plus years in the environmental consulting field, I have chosen to start a new adventure!


Coupled with a downturn in business at my previous employer, and my desire to expand and continue learning and growing, I have accepted a role in the Heavy Civil Construction industry.

My new role will allow me to bring my decision making, leadership skills and growth orientation to a company that’s expanding rapidly and places an emphasis on coaching, leadership development and construction excellence.

It’s a dream career change for me.

It’s also been over 5 years in the making…

I felt that I had plateaued in my old role, needing a challenge to grow and expand my knowledge and contribute to a company with similar values.

During those 5 years, I met with and researched many options for my transition. None seemed a perfect fit.

At times, I wondered if there was any possibility for a change that was truly win/win. I almost settled a few times, but kept on pushing.

Thankfully, perseverance and not settling really do pay off.

If you are considering a change in life, spend a lot of time getting crystal clear on what you want, why you want it and how it will impact your life in the future and then be ruthless in chasing that dream.

Accept nothing less than a win/win in your career.