We’re all on a leadership development path.

If you do something and someone follows along, you’ve just become a leader! “Leader” is an action process, not a title. You don’t need a title or a job role to become a leader. Developing in your leadership influence is a process that takes time and practice. While not instant, the long term benefits of investing in a leadership development program will be amazing in your career, family, friends and other relationships!

Based on over 10 years of leadership development experience, I have created a process that will not only make leadership development enjoyable, but will transfer the skills of leadership in a manner that lasts an entire lifetime!

“Leadership is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing Less.”

John Maxwell – Leadership Teacher and Author

My leadership development focus is on helping you identify and grow your skills and strengths and then train you how to use your skills and strengths to develop and grow relationships to help you become more successful.

I’m available to conduct both large group leadership training seminars in addition to one on one leadership development coaching.

I recognize the benefit of information transfer in large group settings such as seminars, classrooms and/or meetings. However, we all know that the excitement of the event tends to wear off quickly, and that the life changing ideas that were presented get put on the back burner by the immediate pressures of daily life. Therefore, I encourage follow-up coaching in small group or one on one settings to cement the concepts and practices into your daily habits.

Imagine putting into practice, over the course of a few months, the big ideas and exciting concepts that you learned in a class or training session. I’ll help tailor leadership development action steps, track your progress, and make available similar resources from our extensive leadership library for your use as you learn to expand your influence in leadership.

I embrace the fact that everyone learns and experiences life change in different ways! Together you and I will tailor a personal leadership development plan that plays to your strengths and sets you up to succeed in developing those skills that will help you to lead and influence other people.

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