Keeping your To Do list in

In our last post we covered the calendar.

Now we’re going to attach our To Do list.

To Do lists are the next level up from the calendar in terms of getting your life organized.

What goes on the ToDo list varies from person to person and system to system.

Many people prefer the Prioritized Daily List. Each task is prioritized using and ABC and 123 system.

Many others use the Getting Things Done method, where each task is characterized by the context in which you do it: @Work, @Home, etc.

I have used both of these methods and found that the context based Getting Things Done method is most appropriate for my hectic schedule.

Being able to sort my list by both chronological order and context has been the challenge to date.

Enter…a To Do app for iOS, Android and Google Chrome.

Beautifully designed, sleek and hiding a few killer features, I’ve found to be a close to perfect answer to my To Do needs.

I use on both my iPhone 5 and my Chrome browser on my desktop and laptop.

The desktop app only works if you have the Chrome browser installed and is slightly stripped down compared to the iOS app.  It’s still very functional, and if you spend a lot of time at the desk, you’ll find the Chrome app to be worth installing.

One thing that sets ahead of other To Do apps is the ease of entry of items.  You can enter items extremely fast and add what options you desire in terms of priority, folder, reminder, notes and contacts.  I find that I’m in and out of the app much faster than apps like Evernote and Asana (which I use for other purposes we’ll cover in later blog posts).

task details

One feature that’s well thought out and very helpful for rapid fire To Do entry folks is called “Moment”.  Allowing you to quickly look at what you have planned for the day, this video shows the process in nice detail.

The killer feature for is location based reminders.  You can have remind you upon arrival or leaving a location.  This is perfect for shopping lists, writing down business mileage at the end of the trip, etc.

location options

locations 2

Reminders can also be time based, although for my use as a To Do manager I tend to not have a time associated with my tasks unless it’s absolutely necessary.

reminder options

Tasks can also have a repeating pattern that while helpful, lacks the free form, oddly recurring options that other apps have. Not a deal killer for me however.

recurrance options

Overall I’ve been very happy using  The only glitch I’ve seen occurred when changing a date in the Chrome app. Somehow the date was stripped from my tasks on the Chrome app and it then removed the dates from my iOS versions as well.  I’ve not seen this happen again, but it’s an unnerving glitch to keep in mind.

Give a try and take your productivity up a level.

Let me know how you like using in the comments below.