Hi there! I’m John D Regan, co-founder of LeadThruExample, LLC.

Thanks for taking a few moments to browse my personal site.

I provide next-level solutions to help people leave average behind. This includes:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Technology / Life Integration

I have a background in Environmental Consulting and IT Management that I’ve re-purposed into equipping, advising, encouraging and challenging leaders and organizations to unleash their potential and make a difference in the world. It’s a journey I’ve taken myself and I’m now sharing with others to help them discover and thrive on theirs. We’re all in this together and its better with other people…

John D Regan DISC profile

John D Regan DISC profile

I’m a certified Life Coach and a certified Human Behavior Consultant with a specialization in DISC personality profiles. I have over 10 years of focus on Leadership Development, Personal Coaching and Community Service.

My wife and I live just west of St. Louis, Missouri.

This site will share information about Leadership Development, Personal Coaching, Community Service, and using technology to help you achieve your personal priorities.

I’m a dedicated tech toy kind of guy, from my network admin days to my love of Amateur Radio.

I might also throw in the occasional post about clawhammer banjo…it’s my newest hobby.

Let’s connect online at:

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